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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 13/11/2017 
1.   Prof. R.K. Pathak Mankamal Kaur Full Time 17-18/168/Ph.D. 26/09/2017 25/09/2020 No
2.   Dr. Kewal Krishan
Dr. Amarjeet Singh
Purnima Parashar Full Time Post Doctoral Fellow 19/07/2017 Testing Efficacy of an Anthropometry based individualized Counselling Protocol for Weight Reduction among women attending Gynaecology OPD, PGIMER, Chandigarh with Selected Gynaecological Morbidities. 18/07/2020 No
3.   Prof. A.K. Sinha Tejinder Kaur Full Time 13/02/2017 Yes Post Doctoral Fellow
4.   Prof. A.K. Sinha Zinat Ara Ahmed Full Time 16/1358 05/12/2016 Yes UGC-MANF-JRF
5.   Dr. Maninder Kaur Jatinder Kaur Full Time 16/1210/Ph.D 07/10/2016 Yes DST-JRF
6.   Dr. Maninder Kaur Raminder Kaur Full Time 16/2012/Ph.D 06/10/2016 Yes UGC-JRF
7.   Dr. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Maninder Kaur
Jagriti Mehta Full Time 16/1211/Ph.D. 06/10/2016 Yes UGC-JRF
8.   Dr. Ramesh Sahani
Prof. Sushma G. Deo
Tanushree Pandit Full Time 16/227/Ph.D. 16/09/2016 Yes UGC-JRF
9.   Dr. Ramesh Sahani Abhishek Guleria Full Time 16/226/Ph.D 26/07/2016 No
10.   Dr. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Ramesh Sahani
Shruti Marwaha Full Time 16/165/Ph.D 06/05/2016 No
11.   Dr. Ramesh Sahani Vandana Kumari Full Time 16/166/Ph.D. 06/05/2016 No
12.   Dr. Gayathiri Padmanathan Sandeep Basra Full Time 16/1071/Ph.D 16/02/2016 Yes UGC-RGNF
13.   Dr. Sweta Rawat, DIPAS-DRDO
Dr. Ramesh Sahni
Shilpa Chaudhary Full Time 16/1021 06/01/2016 No
14.   Dr. Robert Varte, DIPAS-DRDO
Dr. Ramesh Sahni
Suchitra Full Time 16/1020 06/01/2016 Yes UGC-RGNF
15.   Prof. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Ramesh Sahani
Karan Kapoor Full Time 15/1239/Ph.D 30/09/2015 Yes UGC-JRF
16.   Dr. Jagmahender Singh Sehrawat Deeksha Sankhyan Full Time 15/1237/Ph.D 14/09/2015 No
17.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Mili Chauhan Full Time 15/1213/Ph.D. 04/09/2015 No
18.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh
Prof. Neelam R. Kumar
Chandni Full Time 15/155/Ph.D. 26/08/2015 No
19.   Dr. Gayathiri Padmanathan Abhinav Sood Full Time 18/1208 21/08/2015 No
20.   Prof. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Kewal Krishan
Rita Kumari Full Time 15/1207 18/08/2015 Yes ICMR-JRF
21.   Prof. A.K. Sinha Sahil Bansal Full Time 15/132/Ph.D 10/07/2015 No
22.   Dr. Kewal Krishan
Dr. Adarsh Kumar
Tej Kaur Full Time 15/1075 25/05/2015 Morphometric and Morphoscopic Study of Ear and Nose in Brahmin and Rajput Population of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh-A forensic Anthropological Investigation Yes UGC-JRF
23.   Dr. Maninder Kaur Divesh Dik Full Time 15/86/Ph.D. 01/05/2015 Determinants of Vitamin D Status, Gender Dirrerences and Its Association with Parathyroid Harmone Levels among Adults of Chandigarh Yes UGC-JRF
24.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Jasbir Arora Full Time 25/03/2015 Yes Project Assistant
25.   Dr. Jagmahender Singh Mohd Ali Full Time 15/1003/Ph.D 20/01/2015 Cephalometric and Morphological Features of Brokpa and Purigpa Tribes of Kargil (Ladakh): A Bio-anthropological Approach Yes UGC-JRF
26.   Dr. Kewal Krishan
Prof. Sanjeev Puri
Neha Full Time 14/1240 18/11/2014 Yes UGC-JRF
27.   Prof. Rajan Gaur Navneet Kaur Gill Full Time 14/1168 01/10/2014 Yes UGC-JRF
28.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Amandeep Kaur Full Time 14/1155 29/09/2014 Yes UGC-JRF
29.   Dr. Jagmahender Singh Jaspreet Kaur Full Time 14/1156 29/09/2014 Forensic Anthropological Examination of Human skeletal and Dental Remains Excavated from an Ancient Well at Ajnala (Amritsar, Punjab) Yes P.U. Ph.D
30.   Prof, Rajan Gaur
dr. K.N. Saraswathy
Gurjinder Kaur Full Time 14/1159 29/09/2014 Cognitive Impairment and Depression in RElation to Nutrition and Physique: an Anthropogenetic Study of Palwal District of Haryana Yes UGC- JRF
31.   Dr. Kewal Krishan Richa Mukhra Full Time 14/1157 23/09/2014 A Study of Static and Dynamic Footprint Variatins with Respect to Plantar Pressure Distribution in Noramal, Pre-Obese and Obese Young Adults of Ludhiana District, Punjab-Forensic and Anthropological Aspects Yes UGC- JRF
32.   Prof. A.K. Sinha Nutan Kumari Jha Full Time 14/105 06/06/2014 Yes ICMR-SRF
33.   Prof. Shalina Mehta Tashi Smanla Full Time 14/1071 25/05/2014 Yes UGC-JRF
34.   Dr. Ramesh Sahni Neeru Full Time 13/1265 24/02/2014 No
35.   Prof. A.K. Sinha
Dr. Maninder Kaur
Monika Thakur Full Time 14/1013 30/01/2014 Yes UGC-BSR-RFSMS-SRF
36.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Simmy Full Time 13/1244 10/10/2013 Symbols of the Subaltern: An Anthropological Study of Gaddi Assertion in Bharmaur, Himachal Pradesh, India No
37.   Prof. Indu Talwar Sonam Chadgal Full Time 13/1211 09/10/2013 Yes UGC-BSR- RFSMS
38.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Chozin Wangmo Full Time 13/1212 09/10/2013 Nomadic Pastoralism and Buddhist Ethics: a Study in Ecological Anthropology in Ladakh Yes UGC-JRF
39.   Dr. Kewal Krishan Siddhartha Sharma Full Time 13/1223 08/10/2013 Yes UGC-BSR- RFSMS
40.   Prof. Indu Talwar Rashmi Choudhari Full Time 13/1103 21/08/2013 Menarche and Psycho-Social Development: an anthropological Study among Adolescent Girls of Ambala, Haryana No
41.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Chhaya Verma Full Time 13/151 18/07/2013 No
42.   Prof. Abhik Ghosh Nitin Singh Mandla Full Time 13/137 11/06/2013 Forensic Assessment of Effect of Regional Scripts (Mother Tongue) on English Handwriting in India. Yes UGC-BSR- RFSMS
43.   Prof. A.K. Sinha Ramandeep Bawa Full Time 13/1093 17/05/2013 Changing Landscape of retailing Structure in View of the Growing Influence of Visual Merchandising on Evolving Mall Culture among Panjab University Girls. Yes UGC-JRF
44.   Dr. Kewal Krishan Nisha Full Time 19564 06/12/2012 Anthropometric Measurements, Biochemical Parameters and Dietary Pattern of Coronary Heart Disease Patients of Age 45-70 Years. Yes UGC-JRF
45.   Prof. Shalina Mehta Sandeep Kaur Full Time 19387 13/09/2012 Dynamics of Identity Construction in Cyberspaces: Multi-Media and Youth in Texts of Locality and Globality-Empirical Study of College Going Youth in Chandigarh Yes UGC-JRF
46.   Dr. Kewal Krishan Bahadur Singh Full Time 19365 07/09/2012 A Forensic Study of Gait Parameters (Footstep Length, Stride Length, Base of Gait, Angle of Gait and Area Swept in one Stride) and their Relationship with Stature in Jatt Sikh Male Population of Ludhiana District of Punjab Yes UGC-BSR-RFSMS
47.   Prof. Shalina Mehta Dinesh Kumar Full Time 19257 21/08/2012 Societal Politics and Administrative Politics for the Specially challenged Individuals-Dialectics of enableness and empirilism-Anthropological Insights into the lives of physically and Mentally Challenged People Living in Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. No
48.   Prof. R.K. Pathak,
Prof. A.K. Sinha
Arun Bhardwaj Full Time 19296 06/08/2012 An Ethnographic Study of the Hatti Community of District Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh. Yes UGC-JRF
49.   Prof. A.K. Sinha,Prof. R.K. Pathak (Co-supervisor) Ratika Thakur Full Time 19292 03/08/2012 Bio-Cultural Factors of Reproductive Tract Infections and Treatment Seeking Behavior Among Married Women in District Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Yes UGC-JRF
50.   Prof. R.K. Pathak Amanjot Singh Full Time 19304 03/08/2012 Genetic Association Study of Polymorphism Related to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Populations of Punjab and Haryana Yes UGC-JRF
51.   Prof. R.K. Pathak,Prof. Indu Talwar (Co-supervisor) Gian Singh Full Time 19290 03/08/2012 Physical Growth and Nutritional Status of Pre-School Children of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh. Yes UGC-BSR- RFSMS
52.   Dr. Abhik Ghosh,Prof. Rajan Gaur (Co-supervisor) Rupal Sood Full Time 19294 03/08/2012 People Parks and Conflict Management: An Anthropological Study of Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary, District Kangra Himachal Pradesh Yes UGC-JRF
53.   Prof. Shalina Mehta Sarabjeet Singh Full Time 19044 16/03/2012 Re-constructing Geographical Spaces for Creating alternative City Structures and Socio-Culture Consequences: A Case Study of Proposed Eco-City-New Chandigarh, Mohali (Punjab) Yes UGC-JRF
54.   Dr. Abhik Ghosh Raman Gill Full Time 19181 28/02/2012 Touch and Colour in Carpet Weaving: An Anthropological Study of Textile Manufacturing No
55.   Prof. Rajan Gaur Kavita Jarodia Full Time 19048 14/02/2012 Physical Growth and Nutritional Profile of Rural Jat Sikh and Scheduled Caste Children aged 2 to 8 Years of Bathinda District of Punjab: a Longitudinal Investigation. No
56.   Prof. R.K. Pathak Abhishek Sharma Full Time 18722 11/08/2011 Anthropological Study of the Traditional Medicine System of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh Yes UGC Meritorious Scholarship
57.   Prof. R.K. Pathak Reetinder Kaur Full Time 17943 14/09/2009 Yes Post Doctoral Fellow

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